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"…How often does winter come then summer * And spring goes and autumn comes;

And we go from hot to cold * And the sword of destruction is raised over your head;

O you who is insignificant in this world * Till when will procrastination deceive you?

You who seeks what is temporary, till when * Will your heart be busy with what is temporary?

Strange is the one who humiliates himself for this world * While a piece of bread would suffice him for each day…”

"Whoever wants to have everlasting peace and well-being with no affliction does not understand the meaning of Allah’s commandments, nor does he perceive the meaning of submission to Allah.
Every soul (either believing or disbelieving) shall inevitably taste suffering in this world, for this life is based on hardships.
Man lives between comfort and suffering."
– Ibn al Jawzi (rahimahullah)

"When someone offends me, I feel it is a gift from Allah that He is teaching me humility."
– Ibn Taymiyah (rahimahullah)

"Look at every act that you would hate to die while committing, and then abandon it."
Abu Haazim Salamah Ibn Dinar (rahimahullah) [Al-Musannaf, 7/194] (via sayingsofthesalaf)

"Stay away from a companionship that does not benefit you with knowledge."
– Mu’adh Bin Jabal (radi’Allahu ‘anhu) [Adab Shari’yyah 4/232] (via sayingsofthesalaf)

"Consider the life of the world like a day during which you fasted, and then broke your fast by the approaching of death."
– Dawud at-Ta’i (rahimahullah) [Sifatus-Safwah, v. 3 p. 134] (via sayingsofthesalaf)