Here's some advice I'd love for you to share with all the lovelies on Tumblr, from a lady who's been Muslim for a long time and seen many things - take your Islam with some humor, dears. You don't need to become this solemn, holy, too-much-laughter-is-disliked person to be a Muslim. Don't become a hypocritical Puritan looking at other people and 'tsk-tsking' - instead, laugh and remember that that was where you were yesterday, and be happy and thank God for where you are today. :)

Thank you! Some good advice, I think many people begin practicing and feel that they have to leave their old personalities behind completely, but actually to submit to God means you leave behind only what was bad and keep the positive traits you had. And then of course implementing all that God has ordained for us.

Jazakillahu Khayran

There’s literally one or two blogs that I check often on tumblr despite the fact that I follow over a thousand! 

I seriously need to connect with some of you guys. 

O followers:

Will be trying to answer some questions tonight insha’Allah. Including a question (and the answer will most likely end up a mini essay) that has been repeatedly asked for months now. I promise to be more consistent with this blog. And yes, that means every day there will be at least a little something insha’Allah (God willing). 

And to all my dear followers, I haven’t connected with you all in such a long time! Please introduce yourselves and tell me:

How are you all?!

Sometimes your mind will make a decision that your heart won’t accept. It will never accept it. So you live with that decision until you ignore the uneasiness in the heart. Or you follow the heart and take a big big risk.

"Never mock someone else’s test, lest Allah tests you with the same trial. Never ever say ‘never’ lest Allah test you on your word."

"You were afforded another chance when you woke up this morning. Don’t squander it. This could be your final chance to repent and be better."

I miss Medina so bad.