Salaam! I'm in a very hard position at the moment and since you don't know me you seem like the best place to ask. My faith is slipping from me and I'm terrified and frustrated at myself for this but I'm just so upset and don't know what to do! Please help!

You need to reflect really seriously about your position in life, where you are headed. Remember you are here to worship Allah and it is something you should love doing. And it may sound morbid, but again from a personal view. Think about death, the Prophet (pbuh) would remind himself of it so frequently during the day. Understand that there’s no guarantee to life, and how long you’re going to live, so you must persevere. But the most important advice I could probably give you is to

No.1: Read the Qu’ran frequently, and REFLECT upon the meaning. It is the word of Allah, and it  is powerful, and it will remind you of your purpose

No.2: Choose your companions wisely. The people and friends you keep yourself around are a reflection of you and your character, no matter how people may try and deny it, people influence you.

Insh’Allah I hope it gets easier for you! and please feel free to email us:

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