Muslim women: keep your head up high and keep going!

"So, you see today the best of this Ummah – where are its men? They are either in prisons, kicked out of their countries, or occupied with this struggle. So, who will protect the family and raise the children and see to the daily affairs of life? It is none other than the woman. And thanks to Allah, the Islamic Da’wah has won the battle until now when it comes to the woman despite the presence of some shortcomings in her being violated, corrupted, and turned into a source of corruption…
…The woman is the essence of our Ummah, and any shortcoming from her is a true defeat. Therefore, we have to take care of this aspect and to give it it’s proper attention. We see failure coming from some men who are on this path. However, until now, we have not seen failure from our sisters. Rather, we have only seen patience, resolve, faith, and true determination. Our sisters and mothers in Palestine are miracles of Allah in all of this, and some of them are unequaled by hundreds of striving men in their struggle, patience, and resolve. Likewise, we saw in the Gulf countries awareness among the women that was much stronger than what was with the men, and purity of heart in supporting which we did not see from the men. So, all praise is for Allah, the Lord of the worlds.”

Photo taken by Pamela Ross

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